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Police Investigate Suspected Homicide at Hotel in Brøndby

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A death at a hotel on Vibeholma Allé in Brøndby is now being investigated as a homicide.

This is according to Netavisen Sjælland.

On Saturday afternoon, the police responded to the hotel, which was cordoned off, and forensic technicians began examining the room where the deceased was found. The victim, identified as a man, had been staying as a guest in a rented room, and investigations have revealed that the circumstances of his death are being treated as a homicide by the police.

Late on Saturday evening, the police remained at the hotel, expecting that the homicide investigation, still in its initial phase according to the authorities, would continue into the night.

Copenhagen West Police stated that, as of the current writing, the relatives of the deceased have not been notified of the death.

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