photo of a person spraying pink paint on a wall Archive photo: Felicity Tai

Graffiti Painters Charged with Vandalism

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Two middle-aged men were arrested and charged with vandalism last night.

The two were seen on Thursday evening painting graffiti on an S-train that was parked on the track area near Ingerslevsgade in Vesterbro.

Train operations were briefly suspended while two dog patrols surrounded the suspects.

The accused are respectively 51 and 44 years old.

One thought on “Graffiti Painters Charged with Vandalism

  1. I can not understand why DSB do not provide an exclusive Graffiti Train for street artists to spray.

    All carriages and engines are targets and will continue to be targeted until you compromise.

    Surely it would be more cost effective in terms of Security and Repairs and take away the adrenaline rush of illicit spraying after breaking into locked premises.

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