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Bill Bailey to Perform New Comedy Show in Denmark

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Fans of Bill Bailey can rejoice, as the English comedian is set to perform a new comedy show in Copenhagen next spring.

Bill Bailey is back with his new comedy show “Thoughtifier,” where he, in the classic Bailey style, takes the audience on a ‘magical musical mystery tour’ through the human mind and history, along with other pressing topics such as whales, biophilia, unrequited love, and other thoughts. Naturally, all of this is enhanced with music.

He himself describes the quirky title of the show as follows:



  1. an intriguing device that can amplify the thoughts of a curious mind using music, channelled through a human instrument, known as Bill Bailey
  2. (colloquial) a person resembling Bill Bailey

The seasoned Englishman is not only an award-winning comedian but also a man of many talents, including musician, author, and director on his resume. He is known for live shows like “Part Troll,” “Tinselworm,” “Qualmpeddler,” and “Limboland,” as well as appearances on popular English TV programs like “QI,” “Never Mind the Buzzcocks,” and especially “Black Books.”

Bill Bailey will be performing on Friday, April 12th 2024, at DR Koncerthuset.

Ticket sales start on September 29th at 10 AM via

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