Hells Angels clubhouse at Petersmindevej 20 in Odense has been closed by the police. Photo: Google Streetview

Police Shuts Down Hells Angels Clubhouses in Fyn

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Fyn Police has decided to impose a ban on staying at two addresses where Hells Angels are based.

These addresses are Langelandvej 24 in Nyborg, where the Hells Angels Central Area chapter has its clubhouse, and Petersmindevej 20 in Odense, where the Odense chapter is located.

The closure is, in part, a response to the violent incidents earlier this month in Copenhagen, where Hells Angels were attacked, likely as part of an ongoing conflict with Loyal to Familia.

“We have naturally been following the situation in Copenhagen while continuously assessing the intelligence and potential conflict scenarios related to the groups we have in our police district. Based on the overall picture, we have decided to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of the citizens who frequent the two mentioned properties by imposing a ban on staying at these two addresses,” said Johnny Schou, police inspector at Fyn Police.

For now, the ban on staying at these addresses is in effect until October 6th at 5:00 PM.

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