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Fields-shooter planned attack on daycare center

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During Monday’s court hearing at Copenhagen City Court, where a man is charged with last summer’s shooting in Fields, it was revealed that plans for an attack on a daycare center in Amager, located near the accused’s residence, were found at the accused’s residence.

The daycare center in question is called Sandslottet, which is home to 80 children and includes both a nursery and a kindergarten.

“It is frightening that children and staff at one of Copenhagen’s daycare centers are mentioned in this terrible case. It is easy to feel very vulnerable and have the desire to protect both the staff and the children from all kinds of evil. But after some reflection, I think it is important that we hold on to and insist on being part of a safe society where we fundamentally trust each other. We must protect that, and it is especially important when something challenges it,” says Tobias Børner Stax, CEO of the Children and Youth Administration.

Employees and parents informed

Prior to the court hearing, the Children and Youth Administration was informed by the Copenhagen Police about the daycare center’s involvement in the Fields case. The institution’s employees, parent council, and parents have been called to information meetings regarding the matter. Psychological support is being made available to employees of the daycare center.

“It is clear that I am deeply affected by this serious situation. It is unsettling to think about the consequences of the planned action. But I also know that this is about one person, and that person is not being released, so they do not have the opportunity to carry out their plans.”

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