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Copenhagen Aims to Cut Homelessness by 550 by 2026

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The Social Committee in the Municipality of Copenhagen aims to reduce the number of involuntarily homeless people in Copenhagen through a new program at homeless shelters, preventive measures, and more alternative housing options.

The Social Committee has also quantified the target. The goal is to have 550 fewer homeless residents in Copenhagen by the end of 2026.

Over the past 10 years, the number of homeless people in Copenhagen has remained around 1,500, and despite various efforts, there has been no significant change in that number.

However, the Social Committee has now agreed on a part of the strategy to achieve the goal and accelerate the efforts.

One of the specific initiatives is a new program at homeless shelters that ensures a faster assessment and referral process for homeless individuals to secure housing. The program has been piloted in 2022.

Additionally, the preventive measures, especially targeting young people at risk of homelessness, will be strengthened.

“Reducing homelessness by 550 in Copenhagen by 2026 is a highly ambitious goal in a city where the shortage of affordable housing is the major challenge to address homelessness. It requires us to accelerate all initiatives that can help us achieve the goal and collaborate closely with civil society organizations. I am pleased that we have a united Social Committee that supports these initiatives. This puts us on a good path,” says Social Minister Karina Vestergård Madsen (Ø).

According to VIVE’s homelessness count in 2022, there were 1,370 homeless citizens in the Municipality of Copenhagen, accounting for approximately one-fourth of all homeless people in Denmark.

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