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Employees and politicians in the Municipality of Copenhagen are not allowed to receive Tivoli cards

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The group of spokepersons in the Citizen Representation of the Municipality of Copenhagen has assessed that politicians are not allowed to accept annual passes from Tivoli.

This was announced by the Municipality of Copenhagen in a response to the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Last month, the Ombudsman asked the municipality a series of questions regarding the possible acceptance of annual passes from Tivoli by employees and members of the Citizen Representation. The Ombudsman’s questions were prompted by media coverage that several members of the Citizen Representation had received Tivoli cards as gifts from Tivoli.

The Ombudsman has informed the municipality that he agrees that it is not in accordance with the principles governing the acceptance of gifts and other benefits by public employees for members of the Citizen Representation to receive gifts of the nature in question.

“The rules stating that, as a clear starting point, public employees are not allowed to accept gifts from citizens or businesses contribute to ensuring that there can be no doubt about the public sector acting in a fair and impartial manner,” says Niels Fenger, the Danish Parliamentary Ombudsman, and adds: “I am satisfied with the municipality’s response and, based on that, I will not take further action in the matter.”

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