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Pro-Palestinian activists in blockade against the University of Copenhagen

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Around 50 pro-Palestinian demonstrators blocked the entrances to Copenhagen University’s City Campus on Friday morning. This resulted in difficulties for the employees to get to work.

The blockade has led Copenhagen University to suspend the dialogue it had with the group Students Against Occupation, who have been demonstrating against the university’s activities in Israel and investments in companies that the demonstrators disapprove of.

In connection with today’s action, according to Copenhagen University, vandalism has been committed and employees have been harassed.

On the social media platform X, Copenhagen University has issued a statement that reads:

“Dialogue suspended. Thursday afternoon there was a dialogue between the students in the tent camp at CSS and KU’s management. We experienced the dialogue as constructive, and at the students’ request, a series of meetings were agreed upon starting already next week. However, a group of students chose Friday morning to block the entrances to the university’s administration at Frue Plads. In this context, they committed vandalism and harassed employees, denying them access to the buildings.
We still acknowledge our students’ and employees’ right to express themselves and to demonstrate. However, today’s blockade is not in accordance with Danish law or the spirit and purpose of the university, even though this was the premise for our dialogue with the students. Therefore, we are suspending the dialogue with Students Against Occupation.”

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