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Government to Allow Stores to Reject 1000-Kroner Notes for Small Purchases

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The decision to phase out 1000-kroner notes has posed challenges for stores, as customers often pay with these large bills for small purchases. Therefore, the government will now allow stores to refuse 1000-kroner notes for purchases under 500 kroner.

“The phasing out of the 1000-kroner note should happen in the best possible way. I’ve heard examples of customers buying a pack of gum and paying with a 1000-kroner note. It’s not fair to our stores, which is why we’re now proposing a solution to help them without depriving Danes of the opportunity to use their cash. We need to combat money laundering while also protecting our cash,” says Minister of Business Morten Bødskov.

The purpose of the bill is to increase security for store personnel and alleviate the retail sector’s need for exceptionally large cash holdings. The proposal will now be put out for public consultation and is expected to be presented in April.

The Danish 1000-kroner note will become invalid as a means of payment on May 31, 2025.

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