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Six Young Men Charged with Murder Released After Hearing

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Six young men, all charged with murder, have been released after a pretrial detention hearing.

The six youths are charged in a case where a 55-year-old man was killed shortly after midnight on Wednesday when a large tree on Parnasvej in Sorø was felled, causing it to fall onto the deceased’s car.

They were arrested during Wednesday and Thursday. A seventh person was also arrested but released again on Wednesday evening.

The six detainees were brought before a pretrial detention hearing at the Court in Næstved on Thursday afternoon, charged with the murder of the 55-year-old, alternatively manslaughter by negligence. Additionally, they are charged with, in gross recklessness, causing imminent danger to the lives and physical well-being of others by felling a large tree that fell onto the roadway on Slagstrupvej in Slagelse on Tuesday evening. No one was harmed in that incident.

In both cases, the trees were felled using a chainsaw.

The rationale for the court’s decision to release the six suspects is that they are no longer believed to be able to influence the investigation. The prosecution reserved the right to appeal the release.


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