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Danish Government Endorses Proposal to Ban Display of Foreign Flags

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The government is now backing a ban on flying flags other than the Danish flag.

This is reported by bt.dk.

It is the Denmark Democrats (Danmarksdemokraterne) who have put forward the proposal to make it illegal to fly flags from other countries.

There used to be such a ban, but last summer a man was acquitted by the Supreme Court for flying the American flag. The Supreme Court also did not consider it a violation of an old royal resolution on flagging.

Thus, it became legal to fly flags from other countries.

But now it appears that there is a majority in favor of making it illegal. The ban, however, may be relaxed in some cases.

It is stated on the Parliament’s website that the proposal will be debated for the first time tomorrow, Thursday, and the new law is expected to come into effect sometime this year.

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