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Copenhagen’s school mayor suggests a day off school on the new king’s birthday

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The schoolchildren of Copenhagen can look forward to a new day off if it’s up to the conservative Children and Youth Mayor, Jakob Næsager, who is also responsible for the education sector.

Jakob Næsager suggests introducing a new recurring day off for the city’s schoolchildren on a very special day.

-“A change of monarch is a significant event, which fortunately occurs very rarely. I believe that in the future, we should mark the occasion of having a king as the reigning monarch by giving schoolchildren the day off on his birthdays – May 26th”, says Jakob Næsager.

It will not cost students crucial instructional hours to include the day as a day off, as the abolition of Great Prayer Day already requires finding a new day in the school calendar to serve as a day off for the children. The number of school days must still be maintained at 200 days per year.

Crown Prince Frederik will ascend to the throne this Sunday, succeeding his mother, Queen Margrethe, who has chosen to abdicate.

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