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Copenhagen Allocates Funds for Emergency Overnight Shelter Spaces Amidst High Demand

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There is not enough space for everyone in Copenhagen’s shelters, creating a pressing need for emergency overnight accommodations in the city, especially when temperatures drop around freezing at night.

In the hope of reducing the number of homeless migrants and Danes without shelter at night, the Social Committee in the Municipality of Copenhagen has allocated funds in a four-year grant to four recipients for the establishment of emergency overnight shelter spaces.

The four recipients are Vesterbro Parish Aid Fund (Mariakirken), receiving 250,000 DKK annually, the Turning Point Foundation, receiving 250,000 DKK annually, Blue Cross Denmark, receiving 200,000 DKK annually, and Kirkens Korshær’s Shelter in Hillerødgade, receiving 100,000 DKK annually.

The recipients are expected to establish approximately 55 emergency shelter beds collectively.

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