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Copenhagen Man Charged with Publicly Approving Terrorism after Hamas’ Attack

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A 26-year-old man from Copenhagen has been charged with publicly approving terrorist acts. Three other cases have been dismissed.

This information comes from the Public Prosecution Service after the Prosecutor in Copenhagen assessed the initial cases of violations of the criminal law provisions regarding approval of terrorism in connection with Hamas’ attacks on Israel on October 7.

The Prosecutor in Copenhagen has taken over the supervision of the cases, regardless of where in the country the violations occurred. This means that all cases from across the country are presented to the Prosecutor in Copenhagen for a decision on whether to press charges or dismiss the cases.

-“It is a criminal offense to publicly express approval of terrorist acts. This can involve statements on the internet, in the media, or in public spaces. Therefore, we are filing a criminal case against a 26-year-old man because it is our assessment that we can prove he has made statements approving a terrorist act. The statements were made through a profile on Snapchat, and thus they could be disseminated to a larger audience of followers. At the same time, we have closed three other cases because there was no explicit approval of a terrorist act in the legal sense,” says Prosecutor Lise-Lotte Nilas, Prosecutor in Copenhagen.

Several cases are still under investigation in the country’s police districts. As of December 15, a total of 32 cases of publicly approving terrorist acts have been registered.

Expressing explicit approval of a terrorist act can be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 years.


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