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Two Men Convicted for Drugging Woman at Copenhagen Nightclub

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Two 36-year-old men were convicted of aggravated assault on Wednesday for drugging a woman at a nightclub in the Inner City of Copenhagen.

The incident took place on January 10th this year. While on a night out with the two men, the woman suddenly became ill. She became dizzy, had difficulty seeing and walking, experienced muscle pain and intrusive thoughts, and her body began to shake. The following day, she sought medical attention at the emergency room, where traces of amphetamine and methamphetamine were found in her urine.

The two men had secretly put drugs in the woman’s drink without her knowledge.

The case was tried at the Copenhagen City Court, where one of the 36-year-olds was sentenced to five months in prison and received a warning of deportation. The other was sentenced to 7 months in prison, with an increased sentence due to a prior conviction for aggravated assault.


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