Surveillance Images of Suspected Perpetrators in an Assault in Hvidovre (Handout/Western Copenhagen Police)

The police are seeking witnesses in assault case

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The Western Copenhagen Police Police are seeking witnesses in a case involving a severe assault on a couple in Hvidovre.

The assault occurred on August 12th, around 10:30 PM when the young couple was traveling on bus route 1A from Avedøre Tværvej to Hellerup Station. In the bus, there had been a brief eye contact between one of the victims and two young men. As the couple disembarked from the bus at the intersection of Brostykkevej/Arnold Nielsens Boulevard, they were inexplicably attacked by the two young men and subjected to multiple kicks and punches.

-“The police consider this case very seriously, and the perpetrators should know that the police have already been conducting an intensive investigation to identify them, and we will not stop until all investigative steps are exhausted. We have images of the perpetrators, and we are now seeking assistance from the public to help us identify them,” says Deputy Police Inspector Claus Bardeleben.

Perpetrator A is described as:
Male, 16-18 years old, average build, Middle Eastern appearance, black medium-length hair, no beard. Perpetrator A was wearing a beige and black cap, a black long-sleeved shirt with white stripes on each shoulder, an orange shirt underneath, gray tracksuit pants with a black stripe down each leg, and black shoes.

Perpetrator B is described as:
Male, 16-18 years old, average build, Middle Eastern appearance, medium-length black hair, spoke Danish.
Perpetrator B was wearing a dark green cap with two logos on the front, a black vest, a gray long-sleeved shirt, gray pants, and black and white shoes.

Western Copenhagen Police would greatly appreciate information from witnesses to the case or citizens who can identify the suspected perpetrators from the images. Western Copenhagen Police can be contacted around the clock at 43861448.


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