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The Danish Defense abolishes height requirements for the Royal Life Guards

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The height should no longer be able to determine whether one can serve in the Royal Life Guards.

Until now, there have been specific height requirements for hopeful candidates. The requirements have, until now, been that men should be a minimum of 175 centimeters tall and women 169 centimeters tall to serve in the Royal Life Guards.

But that is now coming to an end.

“The previous height requirements for the Royal Life Guards do not make operational sense. Therefore, we are removing them. There should not be specific height requirements unless they are operationally justified,” says the Chief of the Army Command, Gunner Arpe Nielsen.

Another reason for removing the height requirement is that it did not provide equal opportunities for admission between genders, as the height requirement for men was below the national average, while it was above the national average for women.

“We want there to be equal opportunities to apply, of course. The defense, including the Royal Life Guards, is for those who can and want to,” says Gunner Arpe Nielsen.

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