An aerial view of Shahdadkot city covered with floodwater in September 2022. Photo: Ali Hyder Junejo (CC BY 2.0)

Denmark Assists in Rebuilding Pakistan After Floods

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Denmark to contribute to the reconstruction of Pakistan’s infrastructure following the losses and damages caused by the severe floods in Pakistan in 2022.

This is part of a new green action plan launched by the Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen, during his visit to Pakistan. The agreement strengthens the climate cooperation between the two countries.

The action plan entails collaboration on green transition, climate change, and related losses and damages.

Minister Dan Jørgensen says:

“The floods in Pakistan last year led to enormous losses and damages. Many lives were lost, and houses and homes were washed away. I believe that the catastrophe in Pakistan has been an eye-opener for many people worldwide. There can no longer be any doubt about the devastating consequences of climate change already occurring. Denmark has been assisting Pakistan since the disaster struck, and I am pleased that we are now expanding our cooperation with Pakistan and helping with the reconstruction of vital infrastructure.”

The new action plan includes several initiatives where Denmark will assist Pakistan in their green transition. This involves rebuilding infrastructure after the losses and damages caused by the floods in Pakistan in 2022. Denmark and Pakistan will also continue working on the governmental collaboration already initiated between the two countries. This will, for example, result in Pakistan integrating more wind and solar power into their electricity system.

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