Kaare Dybvad Bek. Photo: Steen Brogaard.

Minister Admits Reluctance to Enroll Children in Schools with High Non-Western Student Population

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Minister of Immigration and Integration, Kaare Dybvad Bek (Social Democrats), says he would not send his own children to a public school with a large proportion of children from non-Western backgrounds who primarily reside in disadvantaged residential areas.

He made this statement on the 24syv program “Reporterne.”

The program has reported this week that several Danish public schools are facing issues related to parallel societies, including threats against teachers, drug dealing, severe violence, confiscation of knives from students, child malaise, and numerous social reports concerning domestic violence.

Speaking on the program, the minister said:

“The culture that exists in many countries in North Africa and the Middle East doesn’t fit very well with our society. People have fled from countries that don’t function very well or left them, so it doesn’t make sense if they come to Denmark and try to implement that culture here.”

“It doesn’t work well when you have a large proportion of students with a different ethnic background. It’s a problem we have as a society, and one that we need to address,” says Kaare Dybvad Bek.

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