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31-Year-Old Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Smuggling and Reselling Large Quantities of Narcotics

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It was a case of confession when a 31-year-old man from Esbjerg was sentenced to 15 years of unconditional imprisonment by the Court in Aarhus for being behind the smuggling and reselling of large quantities of hard narcotics.

In a period from May 2020 to August 2022, the man arranged smuggling and reselling of approximately 103.75 kg of cocaine, 121.50 kg of amphetamine, 2 kg of ketamine, and 500 ecstasy pills in 24 instances.

The 31-year-old used several encrypted communication services to arrange his transactions. The decrypted messages allowed investigators from the police special unit, National Unit for Special Crime, to identify the transactions and link them to the now convicted individual.

The court has also confiscated a profit of 1,649,500 Danish kroner from the convicted individual.

The case is part of a larger complex of cases where a number of individuals are still in custody following arrests in the autumn of 2022.

Senior prosecutor at the National Unit for Special Crime, Jeanni Andreeva, says:

“I am satisfied with today’s verdict, which emphasizes that there will be a strong crackdown on drug crime. I am pleased that in this case, we have managed to stop a key player in an organized network.”

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