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Salling buys Coop stores: Will become Netto or Føtex

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Salling Group, which owns Føtex and Netto, announces that it is acquiring 25 365discount stores, three Kvickly stores, five SuperBrugsen stores, and two projects that have not yet been realized.

Salling Group also states that the agreement with Coop Danmark includes taking over the stores’ employees.

“We are proud of the purchase, which allows us to reach even more Danes in areas and at locations where we currently do not have enough presence. This transaction is possible only because we operate a healthy and economically strong business that allows us to seize market opportunities when they arise. With the new stores and projects, we can accelerate the positive momentum of Netto and Føtex in the market, and we look forward to welcoming new colleagues to the Salling Group team,” says Anders Hagh, CEO of Salling Group.

The competition authorities must now approve the transaction.

Depending on the decision of the Danish competition authorities, the Coop stores will be converted to either Føtex or Netto. However, Salling Group can only specify local plans once the decision is made.

“Many people have had a close relationship with the stores we are acquiring. We must understand this and therefore approach the task with respect for the new communities we are entering or becoming a larger part of, with an unwavering focus on creating good experiences for our new customers with motivated employees, high service, and inspiring products at competitive prices,” says Anders Hagh.


Here is the list of the stores that Salling Group is acquiring from Coop Danmark A/S:

365discount            Æbeløgade 202100København Ø
365discountÅgade 127620Lemvig
365discountAugust Kraags Plads 126300Gråsten
365discountBenediktsgade 465000Odense C
365discountBlokhusvej 9 – 119490Pandrup
365discountBlomsterbakken 2A9380Vestbjerg
365discountBøsbrovej 228940Randers C
KVICKLYExnersgade 18, 1. ste 296700Esbjerg
SUPERBRUGSENAdelgade 149500Hobro
KVICKLYTaastrup Torv 182630Taastrup
365discountBytorvet 328722Hedensted
365discountEjbyvej 664623Lille Skensved
365discountEnghavevej 9A7100Vejle
365discountFaaborgvej 102-1045250Odense SV
SUPERBRUGSENAlgade 39-414281Gørlev
SUPERBRUGSENKarlavej 15270Odense N
365discountGammel Kongevej 1171850Frederiksberg C
365discountH C Ørsteds Vej 4B1879Frederiksberg C
365discountHamletsgade 82200København N
KVICKLYVestsjællandscenteret 84200Slagelse
SUPERBRUGSENVester Ringgade 46000Kolding
SUPERBRUGSENHovedgaden 464520Svinninge
365discountMøllebakken 205690Tommerup
365discountBillesborgvej 84681Herfølge
365discountNjalsgade 72 A-D2300København S
365discountNøvlingvej 279260Gistrup
365discountØstergade 73400Hillerød
365discountPeter Bangs Vej 24-282000Frederiksberg
365discountSandfeldparken 346933Kibæk
365discountSmidstrup Strandvej 653250Gilleleje
365discountSophus Falcks Vej 1C,9300Sæby
365discountSvendborgvej 319A, Højby5260Odense S
365discountTerndrup Center 1A9575Terndrup
ProjektAmagerbrogade 622300København S
ProjektRugårdsvej 759  m.fl.5462Morud
Source: Salling Group.

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