Mads Brügger hosts 'Den sorte svane' Photo: TV 2/Wingman Media

TV 2 Documentary Shock Denmark: Unveil Shocking Links Between Criminals and Business Figures

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A documentary series from TV 2 is causing tremors in Denmark these days.

In TV 2’s documentary series “Den sorte svane” (“The Black Swan,”) it is revealed how criminal bikers and gang members collaborate with seemingly respectable businesspeople and lawyers in fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activities.

The documentary follows 36-year-old business lawyer Amira Smaji, who has worked for and with hardened criminals for 10 years. In the series, she acts as a mole, and with the help of a hidden camera, TV 2’s documentary reveals the connections between the criminal underworld and the seemingly respectable, legal upper world as she assumes her old role as an advisor to gather documentation.

The series reveals, among other things, how a lawyer shares confidential interrogation reports with her client, a hardened biker. It also shows how the same biker uses fraudulent soil tests to dump contaminated soil, saving hundreds of thousands of kroner. Additionally, it shows how black money from gang and biker crime is laundered through otherwise seemingly law-abiding and respectable business networks, and how money laundering and fraud are apparently buried in bankruptcies with the willing help of lawyers, deceiving both creditors and the state treasury.

The series has already had consequences for several of the participants, who have either been fired or have resigned from their positions of trust and jobs. This includes lawyer Nicholai Dyhr, who is now out at the law firm Horten, where he was a partner. It also includes former Social Democratic local politician and real estate magnate from Køge, Carl Richard Christensen, who is no longer on the board of the handball club Team Sydhavsøerne after the broadcast.

Lawyer Lise Roulund is being investigated by the Bar Council, which oversees all lawyers in Denmark. Additionally, the Bar Council has reported her to the police for possible involvement in money laundering and the disclosure of confidential information in a criminal case. Lawyer Nicholai Dyhr is also now under investigation by the Bar Council.

TV 2’s “Den sorte svane” consists of five episodes and can be seen on and on TV 2.

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