Alexandra Sasha. Photo: Venstre.

EU Parliament Candidate Alexandra Sasha Withdraws, But Remains on the Ballot

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The Left party’s candidate for the EU Parliament, Alexandra Sasha, announced on Thursday that she is withdrawing – but you can still vote for her.

The announcement was made through a post on Facebook and came after the media outlet B.T. had written about her role in, among other things, the European Russian Forum, which according to Russia expert Flemming Splidsboel, has the character of being a pro-Russian and Putin-friendly “influence forum.”

Alexandra Sasha refers to it as a “smear campaign” in her post.

But even though she has now announced that she is withdrawing from the EU election, voters can still vote for her. The ballots have long been printed – with her name on the ballot.

The other day, the Alternative party’s Irina Bjørnø also withdrew after the press had written about her chairmanship of an association that receives support from a state-controlled Russian organization listed on the EU sanctions list. But Irina Bjørnø’s name also appears on the ballot when Danes go to vote on June 9th.

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