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DMI issues weather alerts

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DMI is warning of severe weather for a part of the country and has issued a risk warning for the rest of the country for tomorrow, Sunday.

According to DMI’s forecast, it seems that some showers could become so strong that they meet the criteria for cloudbursts (more than 15 mm of rain in 30 minutes). It appears especially to be in the area from Southern Jutland and northwards, up over the western and central parts of Jutland to Thy, where the heaviest showers may occur. Therefore, a warning of cloudbursts and thunderstorms has now been issued for this area, in effect from Sunday noon at 12:00 until Sunday evening at 21:00. Thunderstorms and cloudbursts may occur in this period, with 15-25 mm of rain in just 30 minutes, as reported by DMI.

In the rest of the country, except for Bornholm, rain and thunder showers may also occur, but it is uncertain whether the showers here will become so intense as to be considered actual cloudbursts. Hence, a DMI warning for cloudbursts and thunder, locally with a risk of 15-25 mm of rain in 30 minutes, has been issued here.

You can follow the weather and weather forecasts at www.dmi.dk.

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