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European Parliament election: Now the election posters are hanging on the lampposts

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Next month, there will be elections for the European Parliament, and if you weren’t aware of it before, it became visible on Saturday when the first election posters were put up.

Parties from right to left have been out capturing spots on lampposts and fences to draw attention to their candidates.

The European Parliament election will be held on Sunday, June 9.

However, it is already possible to vote by mail if, for example, you are unable to attend on election day or prefer to vote now for other reasons.

You can vote by mail at all citizen service centers in Denmark. You just show up and cast your vote. You don’t need to bring a voting card, only identification such as a health card. If you change your mind, you can vote again until Thursday, June 6.

Citizens from other EU countries

Citizens of another EU country who live in Denmark can choose whether to vote in the European Parliament election in Denmark or in the country where they are citizens. To vote in Denmark as a citizen of another EU country, you must be registered on the electoral roll. The application deadline for this was May 6. However, if you were registered for the last European Parliament election, it is not necessary to apply again unless you have moved abroad in the meantime.

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