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After sponsor exodus: Lars Henriksen steps down from Copenhagen Pride

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Lars Henriksen resigns as political spokesperson and spokesperson for Copenhagen Pride.

Lars Henriksen announced on Wednesday at a board meeting of Copenhagen Pride that he is stepping down as political spokesperson and spokesperson, effective immediately, while also resigning from the organization’s board.

Lars Henriksen. Photo: Copenhagen Pride.

He will remain affiliated with the organization, where he will leverage his many years of experience and contacts for the benefit of Copenhagen Pride.

“We look forward to continued collaboration with Lars in a new role, where he will draw on his extensive Danish and international pride network to strengthen Copenhagen Pride’s relationships within the LGBT+ community,” said Benjamin Hansen, chairperson of Copenhagen Pride.

Lars Henriksen’s resignation comes after several major sponsors have withdrawn their support for Copenhagen Pride following the organization’s statements regarding Palestine and Israel. Among the sponsors who have withdrawn their support are, for example, Mærsk, Dansk Industri, Nykredit, Google, Novo Nordisk, and DFDS.

The unrest surrounding Copenhagen Pride’s position is now prompting Benjamin Hansen to emphasize the organization’s stance:

“We must now clearly emphasize that our focus, as always, is to bring visibility to LGBT+ issues and create a platform for LGBT+ voices and artists who do not normally have a voice, and through strong partnerships improve the lives of LGBT+ people in the workplace.”

Until the general assembly in November this year, Benjamin Hansen will serve as spokesperson for Copenhagen Pride.


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