The Frigate Niels Juel. Photo: Peter T. Staggemeier /Flyvevåbnets Fototjeneste

Danish Frigate Incident: Missile Malfunction Prompts Safety Alert at Storebælt

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A technical issue has arisen on a missile aboard the frigate Niels Juel, which is docked in the port of Korsør.

The problem occurred during a mandatory test where the lifting rocket, the booster, was activated and currently cannot be deactivated. The Defense informs that specialists are on their way to solve the problem.

Until the booster is deactivated, there is a risk that the missile could be fired and travel a few kilometers away. The Harpoon missile is live ordnance, but only the booster is activated during the test, so there is no danger of the missile detonating or reaching further than the booster rocket can lift.

The danger area is estimated to be up to 5-7 km from the Navy Station Korsør at a height of approximately 1,000 meters above the water in a southerly direction, not towards the Great Belt Bridge.

The police and the Danish Maritime Authority have been informed, and ships heading towards the danger zone are warned and asked to await the resolution of the problem. The airspace in the area is also closed.

Illustration: Forsvaret.

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