The cherry blossom alley at Bispebjerg Cemetery. Photo: Ursula Bach Københavns Kommune

Cherry Blossom Alley: A Springtime Spectacle at Bispebjerg Cemetery

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Spring is upon us, which means bushes and trees are starting to bloom. This also applies to the pink cherry blossom alley at Bispebjerg Cemetery.

The approximately 80-meter-long alley with 43 cherry trees is a popular destination for both Copenhageners and other visitors who enjoy the pink tunnel formed by the blooming cherry trees.

The Municipality of Copenhagen expects around 150,000 visitors on the days when the cherry trees are in bloom.

“We look forward every year to seeing the great interest in the Cherry Blossom Alley. To ensure a good experience for all visitors, we encourage following the designated route through the alley and showing consideration to other guests in the cemetery,” says Jakob Tamsmark, unit manager in the Technical and Environmental Administration.

Even though the Cherry Blossom Alley is a popular spot for photography and social media posts, visitors are encouraged to remember that it is still an active cemetery. It is important to show respect and consideration for those who visit the cemetery for reasons other than just enjoying the springtime beauty of the flowers.

For those wishing to visit the Cherry Blossom Alley, the entrance at Frederiksborgvej 125 is the recommended route to follow. Also, be mindful of which route you take if arriving by car. The administration advises against parking at Støvnæs Allé, as it has previously caused traffic challenges in the area.

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