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Seven convicted in case of attempted murder in supermarket on Nørrebrogade

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Seven men were today sentenced by the Copenhagen City Court to between eight months and 14 years in prison in a case concerning two attempted murders in a supermarket on Nørrebrogade on January 27 last year.

The convicted men are aged between 17 and 21.

Five of the defendants were convicted of attempted murder on a 23-year-old inside the supermarket. Four of them were sentenced to 12 years in prison. One of the five – a 21-year-old – was also convicted of an additional attempted murder on a random customer. He received a 14-year prison sentence.

The remaining two were not convicted of attempted murder but instead of attempted aggravated assault on the 23-year-old and were sentenced to 8 and 10 months in prison, respectively.

The attempted murder took place during a period of several stabbings in the area around Nørrebro and Nordvest. Shortly after, there was also a shooting incident in Nørrebro. It was therefore the police’s and the prosecution’s opinion that at the time, there was a violent conflict between two criminal groups from the mentioned areas. They were therefore also convicted under § 81a – the gang section – which allows for harsher penalties for a range of crimes if they have their origin in or are likely to provoke a conflict between gang groups.

The court also chose to impose bans on the seven men from entering and residing in two areas in Nørrebro and Amager for three and eight years, respectively. However, the court did not follow the prosecution’s request for deprivation of Danish citizenship and deportation.

One of the defendants appealed immediately, while the remaining requested time for consideration.

Furthermore, the five defendants convicted of attempted murder remained in custody after the verdict.

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