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Police Crack Down on Illegal Work in Copenhagen, Arrest Seven

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Most had their permits in order when the Foreign Control Section of the Copenhagen Police conducted a comprehensive operation against illegal work on Thursday.

In total, 75 locations were visited by the police, including courier services, kiosks, and within the prostitution environment.

Despite the police announcing what was to come, seven individuals were still arrested and charged with working without the necessary permits.

In Kastrup, a man was arrested and charged with illegal work for working as a prostitute without a work permit. He received a fine, and the case has been referred to the Immigration Service for administrative deportation.

In Vanløse, four men were engaged in excavation work. They had residence permits in the EU but lacked Danish work permits. Therefore, they were arrested and charged with illegal work.

In the evening, a man was arrested in Østerbro while cleaning. He was charged with illegal residency, illegal work, and providing false identity.

Last but not least, a man was arrested at a food establishment in Nørrebro. He had been illegally residing in the country for more than six years and was thus also working illegally at the establishment. This resulted in a fine of 66,500 Danish kroner, and both this case and the case from Østerbro have been referred to the Immigration Service for administrative deportations.

The arrested individuals are from Argentina, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Georgia.

“Missing work permits are often a sign that employers are consciously exploiting foreign labor for social dumping. Even though most had their permits in order during our visit, seven cases of illegal work are seven too many,” says Kjeld Farcinsen.

The employers are now being investigated by the Foreign Control Section.

“Somewhat unusually, this time we had announced our operation and at the same time urged employers to get their paperwork in order. The messages had been shared and read on social media, as several places told us they were aware they could risk a visit from us. That was precisely the intention of the announcement, so we are satisfied with that, and we will, of course, supplement Thursday’s efforts with future, unannounced actions,” says Police Commissioner Kjeld Farcinsen from the Foreign Control Section of the Copenhagen Police.

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