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Copenhagen Police Warn Employers Ahead of Crackdown on Illegal Labor

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Copenhagen Police Immigration Control Section Warns Employers, Urges Compliance Ahead of Extensive Crackdown on Illegal Labor

Employers and individuals could face significant consequences for hiring individuals without proper work permits in Denmark. This could result in substantial fines.

-“We’re used to striking unexpectedly, but this time we’ve been a bit inspired by our colleagues’ approach to the ongoing shutdown of Pusher Street, where they’ve been warning the population before moving in. Now we’re trying to issue a warning too before we act,” says Police Commissioner Kjeld Farcinsen from the Immigration Control Section at Copenhagen Police.

He declines to provide further details on when and where they will strike on March 7, but hopes that this warning will prompt both businesses and individuals hiring foreign labor to think twice and ensure that their paperwork is in order.

-“There are, of course, some who are beyond our reach of reason – for example, those who knowingly exploit foreign labor for social dumping under miserable conditions. Our call today is aimed at those who wish to comply with rules and regulations, as it can be extremely costly to employ individuals without the correct permits,” says Kjeld Farcinsen.

As an employer, one risks fines ranging from 10,000 kroner to over 50,000 kroner per month per illegally employed individual, or in particularly serious cases, imprisonment, according to the police.

As a foreign citizen, one risks fines and deportation for two years or imprisonment and deportation for six years if paperwork is not in order.

Copenhagen Police’s Advice for Hiring Foreign Labor:

When hiring foreign workers, it’s primarily the worker’s nationality that determines whether a work permit is required.
*Nationality is usually not indicated on driver’s licenses, tax cards, health cards, etc.
*Nationality is indicated on a passport or a special national identity card, so always make sure to see one of these or a Danish work permit when hiring foreign labor.
*Residence permits, residence cards, or foreign passports issued in other EU countries do not, as a rule, entitle the holder to work in Denmark.

If in doubt, contact SIRI or learn more at

Source: Copenhagen Police.

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