Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian, and Crown Princess Mary. Soon, they will respectively be King Frederik the 10th, Crown Prince Christian, and Queen Mary. Photo: Dennis Stenild, Kongehuset ©

Denmark’s Monarchy Faces Unprecedented Shift: Queen Margrethe Abdicates, Passing Throne to Crown Prince Frederik in 900-Year First

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It is an extraordinary and historic event when Her Majesty the Queen abdicates at the Council of State on January 14 – it will indeed be the first time in almost 900 years that it happens in Denmark.

In some countries, it is customary or at least something that occurs for the head of state to make way for the next generation by stepping down, but not in Denmark. In fact, it has not happened since 1146, when King Erik 3. Lam stepped down – supposedly to enter a monastery.

When Queen Margrethe abdicates and passes the throne to her son, Crown Prince Frederik, he will become King Frederik the 10th. At the same time, his wife, Crown Princess Mary, will be appointed Queen of Denmark.

The eldest son of the Crown Prince couple, 18-year-old Prince Christian, will then become Crown Prince.

Queen Margrethe will also continue to hold the title of Queen, just like her mother, Queen Ingrid, did when she became a widow after the death of King Frederik IX. The Queen will also continue to be addressed as Her Majesty.

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