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New Post Law Doubles Cost of Sending Regular Mail, Postnord Announces

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It is now becoming twice as expensive to send a regular letter, as announced by Postnord following the approval of the new postal law.

The price will increase from the current 12 Danish kroner to 25 kroner for a 50-gram letter.

However, this is not the only change resulting from the postal law, which includes the imposition of VAT on the shipment of items such as letters, packages, and magazines.

Postnord states that existing stamps will no longer be valid for national letters. Additionally, more than 1,000 mailboxes nationwide will be removed, and the service of “mail retention” will also cease.

Many associations and businesses have taken advantage of the option to rent a postbox, but this will also come to an end as postboxes are phased out next year.

In the newspaper sector, there are changes too, as Postnord will no longer distribute newspapers in the future.

Ultimately, the mail business will no longer be a part of Postnord’s operations.

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