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Denmark’s National Bank Phases Out 1000 Krone Note, Prepares for New Banknote Series

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Denmark’s National Bank is discontinuing the 1000 krone note and replacing the banknotes.

The 1000 krone note and several older banknotes will become invalid after May 31, 2025. This includes all note series predating the current 2009 series, known for featuring illustrations of bridges and ancient artifacts. Consequently, the 1944, 1952, and 1997 note series will become invalid and will no longer be usable as currency or eligible for exchange.

Individuals holding any of the soon-to-be-invalid notes can theoretically use them as currency until May 31, 2025, or deposit them into their bank accounts.

The National Bank announces plans to introduce a new banknote series, expected to launch in 2028-2029.

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