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Police Increase Vigilance for Drunk Driving During ‘J-Day’ Celebrations

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“Police Keep Close Watch on Drunk Driving During ‘J-Day’ Festivities”

As tradition dictates, “snowfall parties” popularly known as “J-Day.” are held at many restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs in conjunction with the launch of the Christmas brew. The police have an equally long tradition of being ready to test drivers with a breathalyzer on the same occasion.

This year, the police will conduct alcohol and drug checks from today, Friday, through Sunday.

Police assistant at the National Police Corporate Communications, Christian Berthelsen, therefore encourages people to arrange in advance who will stay sober and drive home after the festivities or to take a taxi, bus, or train home.

-“We should expect to see a lot of people on the streets throughout the weekend starting on Friday, simply because of the release of the Christmas brew. Last year, we saw many partygoers, and there was generally a great atmosphere, which we also expect this year. We will be visible on the streets, welcoming people, and hope they have a fantastic evening but also think and leave their car behind and use a bicycle to get home,” says Christian Berthelsen.

During a similar initiative in 2022, 74 alcohol-impaired drivers were charged nationwide over three days of checks, with 19 involved in traffic accidents.

In 2022, 29 people were killed, and 160 were seriously injured in alcohol-related accidents. The majority of those injured in alcohol-related accidents were themselves impaired.

-“Over the past 10 years, there has generally been a decrease in the number of people killed and seriously injured in traffic accidents involving alcohol, which is extremely positive,” says Christian Berthelsen. “But for us to continue this positive trend, it requires not only the presence of the police but also the entire society – all of us – taking responsibility and helping to prevent drunk driving,” he continues.

Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving:

  1. Agree on a designated driver who will stay sober.
  2. Use public transportation, such as a taxi, bus, or train.
  3. Try to dissuade someone from driving under the influence, or take their car keys.
  4. Offer overnight accommodations if possible.
  5. Call the police if you suspect someone is driving under the influence.

    Source: The National Police.

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