Photo: Rolf Larsen.

Police Respond to Possible Gunfire

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On Tuesday evening around 10 p.m., the police dispatched several patrols to Ryparken following a report of possible gunfire.

At Svanemøllen station, the police stopped a car with three individuals on board. Inside the vehicle, officers discovered a flare gun that couldn’t fire live ammunition.

Beforehand, one of the police’s photo radar vehicles had captured the car on Nørre Allé, where it was traveling at a speed of 126 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.

The police report that one of the three individuals can be seen in the photo radar vehicle’s picture hanging out of the window while pointing at a car in front.

The three individuals have been charged with threats, and the car has been confiscated under reckless driving regulations.

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