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Denmark Sees Record High Employment with Over 3 Million Workers

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In August 2023, there were 3,000,600 employees in Denmark, marking an increase of 4,300 compared to the previous month, equivalent to a 0.1% rise. Since August 2022, a total of 37,000 more people have found employment.

Looking at the private sector, there have been 3,300 additional employees from July to August, while in the same period, 900 more public sector workers have joined the workforce.

Minister of Employment, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, remarked:

-“We have now surpassed the magical three million mark. Never before has Denmark seen so many people in employment. It’s crucial for our society that so many individuals are working and contributing.

-This is not only positive for the individuals who have found employment but also for the entire society, indicating a thriving Danish economy and businesses. I’m especially pleased to see many who were previously on the fringes of the job market finding their footing.

-We are not there yet. We need a more inclusive job market. More young people without jobs and education need a place in the workforce, more immigrants need employment opportunities, and more people need training and further education. This is essential to ensure that businesses and the welfare system can access the labor force they require.”

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