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Danish Government Offers Evacuation to Citizens in Israel and Palestine Amid Escalating Conflict

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The Danish government has decided to offer Danish citizens in Israel and Palestine the opportunity to be evacuated.

This decision comes in light of the recent days’ hostilities between Hamas and Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that there are currently approximately 1,200 individuals on the Danish citizens list for Israel and 90 for Palestine.

While it is still possible to travel independently, the options are diminishing. For instance, Norwegian Airlines has announced the suspension of all flights to Israel until December.

Therefore, the government will provide evacuation services to Danish citizens in Israel and Palestine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will coordinate the evacuation, which is set to commence in the coming days. Specific efforts are currently underway to organize special flights that will fly to the region and pick up Danish citizens.

The offer of evacuation is available to Danish citizens and individuals with permanent residence in Denmark. Evacuation will be at the individual’s expense, and it is optional whether one chooses to accept the offer.

Individuals who wish to be evacuated should contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Citizens’ Services (Borgerservice) at phone number +45 33921112 or email

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