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Police Investigate Explosion in Copenhagen, No Injuries Reported

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Copenhagen Police are investigating an explosion that occurred around half past four in the morning on Thursday on Frederiksborgvej in the northwest district of Copenhagen.

The police received a report of the explosion at 3:31 AM, which took place in some kind of club or café on the ground floor of number 34.

No individuals have been injured, but some windows on the ground floor of the building were shattered, according to the police, who have had technicians at the scene throughout the night.

-“It is a minor explosion that primarily affected some windows in the premises. It is too early to say whether the incident could be related to the ongoing conflict between two groups in the biker/gang environment, but that is certainly something we are trying to clarify,” says Deputy Police Inspector Jesper Bangsgaard.

Mobile police station present

On Thursday, the local police will be present with the mobile police station, which will be located at the intersection of Frederiksborgvej/Rentemestervej.

-“We understand if there are residents in the area who feel unsafe, and that’s why we will also be present today with our mobile police station. If you have questions or concerns, you are more than welcome to come by and have a chat with our officers,” says Jesper Bangsgaard.


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