Frederiksberg Rådhus. Photo: Frederiksberg Kommune

Frederiksberg Municipality Suspends Director Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Frederiksberg Municipality has chosen to suspend the Director of City, Culture, and Environment, Ulrik Winge, following a case involving sexual harassment.

This information was provided by Frederiksberg Municipality in a press release.

Last Thursday, former HR Chief Birgitte Rømer posted a message on LinkedIn that concerns a specific incident, which she described in her LinkedIn post as a “sexual harassment.” She also expressed concerns about the organizational culture within Frederiksberg Municipality.

The municipality stated in a press release that Ulrik Winge received a written reprimand for the specific incident in October of last year. The reprimand was formulated based on legal advice from the KL (Association of Local Authorities in Denmark), which assessed that the reprimand was proportional to the nature of the incident. Frederiksberg Municipality asserts that they have followed this advice meticulously.

In light of Birgitte Rømer’s post last Thursday, the Magistracy has decided to initiate an external investigation. Additionally, the handling of the specific case will be externally evaluated.

Jesper Dahl has been appointed as the acting director for the City, Culture, and Environment department during Ulrik Winge’s suspension.

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