Pelle Dragsted. Photo: Marie Hald.

Leadership Transition: Pelle Dragsted Takes Over as Political Spokesperson for Enhedslisten

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Mai Villadsen is stepping down as the political spokesperson for the danish left-wing party Enhedslisten, a position she has held since February 2021, when she took over from Pernille Skipper.

The party’s new political spokesperson will be 48-year-old Pelle Dragsted. Until now, he has been the party’s spokesperson for finance, business, housing, IT, and democracy.

-“I approach the task as the new political spokesperson with great humility because the Unity List is facing an extremely significant and important challenge. We must demonstrate that there is absolutely no necessity to pursue a policy that further enriches the wealthiest while deeply cutting into our welfare, abolishing days off, and raising the retirement age. These are political choices. And we can choose differently. But it requires that the left-wing receives even stronger support,” says Pelle Dragsted.

He highlights the climate crisis as the greatest challenge of our time.

Mai Villadsen will continue as a member of the Enhedslisten’s parliamentary group.


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