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DMI warns of storm-strength gusts and heavy rain

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According to forecasts from the Danish Meteorological Institute, DMI, there will be rain and strong winds for the next couple of days.

A powerful low-pressure system is moving up over the southern part of Scandinavia from the south, bringing with it a lot of rain and strong winds. This has prompted DMI to issue warnings for the entire country.

Heavy rain and risk of local cloudbursts
For areas including Copenhagen and North Zealand, DMI has issued a category 1 warning – severe weather – for heavy rain and the possibility of local cloudbursts, valid from Sunday at 6:00 PM to Monday at 6:00 PM.

During this period, DMI expects between 30 and 50 mm of rain. There is also a risk of local cloudbursts with more than 15 mm in 30 minutes.

Storm-strength gusts of wind
DMI has also issued a category 1 warning for strong winds and storm-strength gusts in the same area, valid from Monday at 7:00 AM to Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

DMI predicts gale-force winds of 20-20 m/s from the west, with storm-strength gusts of 25-28 m/s.

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