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Shortage of homes for sale in the Capital Region

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The website has released figures for how many homes are for sale here at the beginning of August.

Generally, the supply of homes remains stable nationwide.

-“The sales have been increasing in recent months, and currently, there are not enough homeowners putting their properties on the market to increase the supply,” says Henrik Hauthorn Jensen, a housing market analyst at the real estate chain Home, which has experienced a significant increase in sales in both June and July.

Especially in the Capital Region, there is a shortage of homes, as shown by the new figures from

The supply of apartments did not increase from July to August and is now 20% less than a year ago.

-“The apartment market, especially in Copenhagen, has proven surprisingly resilient to the rising interest rates, and we are currently experiencing both more sales than before the summer vacation and 30-40% more viewings than a year ago. Additionally, apartment prices actually had a slight increase in July,” according to Home’s analyst.

There are also fewer houses for sale in the Capital Region than a month ago. The supply decreased by 3.1% during July but is still approximately 12% larger than a year ago.

-“This could indicate that there are more apartment owners in Copenhagen who have sold their properties in the past few months and are now seeking houses with gardens in the surrounding municipalities. Thus, the demand for both houses and apartments for homebuyers in the Capital Region has increased,” says Henrik Hauthorn Jensen.

At the beginning of the year, the Home chain had not dared to hope for such a strong comeback from the housing market.

-“The uncertainty has gradually receded due to an economy that has proven stronger than expected. With energy prices and inflation falling again, wages rising, we have seen homebuyers return, and the continued good employment situation helps keep the housing market going, while the interest rates remain relatively stable,” according to Home’s analyst.

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