Lizette Risgaard.Photo: Jesper Ludvigsen.

Investigation Reveals Inappropriate Behavior by Former FH Chairman Lizette Risgaard

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A lawyer’s investigation confirms that the former chairman of the Danish Trade Union Confederation, FH, Lizette Risgaard, has behaved “inappropriately” on several occasions.

The investigation was conducted by the law firm Kromann Reumert on behalf of FH after accusations of offensive behavior were made against Lizette Risgaard.

In the investigation, Kromann Reumert uncovered alleged incidents of offensive behavior and assessed how each case was handled by FH, including whether specific documented incidents constituted a breach of FH’s Code of Conduct or relevant occupational health regulations.

The investigation covers a total of 25 episodes, which were submitted to Kromann Reumert during the inquiry. In five cases, physical contact was proven to have occurred. In three instances, it is assessed that the touches were unwanted and, due to their intimate nature, could be considered as having sexual undertones.

-“I acknowledge that the investigation confirms there have been several instances where Lizette Risgaard has behaved inappropriately. I am deeply sorry for the victims who have been subjected to this behavior. There must be no doubt that one incident is one too many,” says Morten Skov Christiansen, acting chairman of FH.

The report will not be made public, out of consideration for the participants who were guaranteed confidentiality during the investigation. For FH, it is crucial to ensure that the sources who wished to remain anonymous in the inquiry could do so with full trust in the process.

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