Two Men Charged with Murder, Three Others Accused in Connection to Fatal Assault at Dragør Fort

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The Prosecuters at Copenhagen Police has brought charges against two 29-year-old men for the murder of a 54-year-old man at Dragør Fort on January 22nd. Additionally, three other men are accused of ordering or planning the assault.

The murder took place on January 22nd when the 54-year-old victim arrived at the parking lot in front of Dragør Fort. According to the indictment, he was met by the two 29-year-old men who stabbed him seven times with a knife, beat him at least 11 times with a hammer, and inflicted numerous punches and kicks.

The 54-year-old died on the spot from his injuries, and the two perpetrators subsequently fled the scene.

Based on the investigation, the police and prosecution believe that a 56-year-old man had a dispute with the 54-year-old and therefore ordered a physical punishment against him. He did so by contacting two 50-year-old men.

They then contacted the two 29-year-old men to carry out the punishment.

Consequently, the 56-year-old and the two 50-year-olds are solely accused of complicity in aggravated assault resulting in particularly savage, brutal, or dangerous bodily harm under particularly aggravating circumstances, alternatively complicity in negligent manslaughter.

“The charges against the five men are the result of a thorough and targeted investigation, where the Copenhagen Police has uncovered the course of events in detail. Now we are waiting for the case to be scheduled in court,” says prosecutor Alexander Scheel.

According to the indictment, the dispute between the alleged 56-year-old mastermind and the 54-year-old man became evident in Dragør in November of the previous year, two months before the murder. In this connection, the 56-year-old and one of the 50-year-olds are accused of printing over 70 posters containing defamatory and untrue content about the 54-year-old, which were then hung up around Dragør.

The two 29-year-olds were arrested in the days following the murder, while the three other men were arrested during March and April as part of the police investigation.

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