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Insurance company warns: Carelessness during drought can be costly

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Heat and drought have made nature extremely dry, and in several areas, a ban on open fires has been implemented. If one still uses open flames, there is a significant risk of having significantly reduced coverage from their insurance in case of an accident.

Henrik Sagild, Claims Director at Gjensidige, explains, “If one acts in a manner that can be deemed grossly negligent in the current drought situation, and it leads to fire damage to either one’s own or others’ property, they may find themselves in a situation where they have to bear a larger portion of the bill themselves because the insurance does not cover the full cost of compensation. Therefore, one should think very carefully and heed the advice, recommendations, and bans issued by the emergency services.”

In the current drought situation, one should exercise caution when dealing with open flames, even in areas not subject to a ban on open fires. This applies to the use of weed burners, grills, fire pits, or even something as small as a cigarette butt. Emergency services in many parts of the country have already had to respond to fires, and therefore, we all have a responsibility in the upcoming period, according to Henrik Sagild.

-“In the current situation, even the smallest embers can cause tremendous damage, which is why we also urge Danes to be extra cautious and follow the authorities’ guidelines when it comes to the use of open flames. If an accident occurs, we are, of course, ready to assist our customers, but we hope that many will think twice and not act recklessly in the summer heat.”

At, one can continuously follow which emergency services have implemented a ban on open fires and also find helpful advice on how to act in the current drought situation.

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