The Road Directorate is replacing both the insulation and asphalt of Sorterendebroen. Photo: Vejdirektoratet.

Two weekends of roadwork on an important bridge out of Copenhagen.

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The Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet) will be repairing the Sorterendebroen bridge near Avedøre in Greater Copenhagen in the coming weeks to protect it from moisture and extend its lifespan. The road work will result in extended travel time for commuters leaving the capital.

During weekends in weeks 24 and 25, the Road Directorate will be conducting maintenance work on the section of Sorterendebroen that carries traffic on the Amagermotorvejen in the westbound direction towards Avedøre. This is done to protect the bridge from moisture and extend its lifespan.

The Road Directorate anticipates that the work may cause traffic congestion, and therefore, commuters should plan their route and stay informed about traffic conditions on

Iben Maag, Project Manager at the Road Directorate, says:

-“The asphalt and moisture insulation on the northern part of Sorterendebroen, which carries traffic from Amager to Avedøre, have worn out after many years of use. We want it to last for many more years, so the Road Directorate is now starting to replace both the insulation and the asphalt. It will create some inconvenience for traffic, but we will do it as efficiently and gently as possible.”

The work will take place during weekends from June 16th to 19th and from June 23rd to 26th.

The working hours will be from Friday evening at 23:00 to Monday morning at 05:00.

Additionally, the weekend from June 30th to July 2nd is reserved in case the work needs to be postponed due to bad weather.

Work Process

The contractor will primarily work on one half of the bridge at a time. First, the old asphalt will be milled off, then the existing moisture insulation will be replaced, and finally, new asphalt will be laid.

Information for Commuters

The work means that only two lanes will be open at the work site with a reduced speed limit of 50 km/h. During the nighttime between Friday and Saturday, there will be short periods with only one lane open.

On a typical weekend day, approximately 49,000 vehicles pass over the bridge, so the bridge work is expected to cause congestion in the westbound direction.

The Road Directorate encourages commuters who have the opportunity to find alternative routes with minimal additional travel time, specifically for the stretch from Amager to Avedøre.

On the Road Directorate’s traffic map, you can always stay updated on the current road conditions and get information about traffic restrictions, specific roadworks, and other traffic notifications.

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