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Police Launch Investigation into Potential Dissolution of Bandidos MC in Denmark

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The police have initiated an investigation into whether Bandidos MC in Denmark can be sought for dissolution through a court order.

The police need to determine if there is a basis for obtaining a prohibition of Bandidos MC in Denmark through the courts, based on Article 78 of the Constitution, which pertains to freedom of association but also allows for the prohibition of associations involved in violence.

-“Combating organized crime and gang-related activities is a central priority for the government. The brutal violence and society-undermining activities of these criminal groups create insecurity in the neighborhoods they operate in. Behind their violent offenses are, among others, distressed family members and shocked witnesses who have nothing to do with the biker and gang environment,” says Minister of Justice Peter Hummelgaard (S), adding:

-“When it comes to the fight against criminal groups, we need to use all the tools available to us. Therefore, I view the initiation of an investigation by the NSK into the potential dissolution of Bandidos MC in Denmark very positively. Furthermore, I look forward to presenting the government’s proposal for a new gang package, which will tighten the grip on these groups in several ways.”

The National Unit for Special Crime (NSK) is responsible for the dissolution case, and it is expected that the investigation will be completed by the end of 2023.

Bandidos MC has multiple chapters in and around Copenhagen.

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