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Comanches MC is not allowed to use clubhouse

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Tårnby Municipality has decided to prohibit the motorcycle club Comanches MC from using their clubhouse at Bjørnbaksvej 12 for club activities.

Comanches MC was established when the Danish chapters recently left the international motorcycle club Satudarah MC.

The property at Bjørnebaksvej is a commercial property, and the municipality can impose a prohibition on using the address as a meeting place for a particular group if the group’s use of the property as a gathering place is likely to cause significant inconvenience and unease for the neighboring residents. Tårnby Municipality believes that this is the case due to its proximity to several schools, institutions, and the School Botanic Garden.

Tårnby Municipality states that the prohibition applies from May 17, 2023, and for a period of three months.


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