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1% own a quarter of Denmark’s wealth

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The wealthiest one percent of Danes hold just under 25 percent of total net wealth.

This is shown by a new analysis carried out by The Economic Council of the Labour Movement (ECLM) (Arbejderbevægelsens Erhvervsråd)

This is far more than previous statements have shown, as it is now possible to include the value of unlisted shares in, among other things, family-owned companies and offset public debt for collection.

The richest one percent holds more than 80 per cent of the unlisted share wealth. For this group, unlisted share assets amount to an average of DKK 31.7 million per person.

If you broaden it a little, the most affluent 10 percent of Danes hold more than half of the total net worth with a wealth share of just under 55 percent, when the value of unlisted shares and public debt for recovery is included.

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